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 Special Event-EMS shipping fee discount for dolls
1、Event for new dolls of Myou dollsEvent time:22th April~26th MayDiscount:EMS shipping fee 40% discount for whole dollsOnly for these 4 dolls:2、EMS shipping fee discount for Myou other doll,Miracle doll,BG doll andTelesthesia & Dragondoll(only for whole doll)Event time:22th April~22th AugustDiscount:EMS shipping fee 30% discount for whole dolls...
 About the excess shipping fee !
Hi,everyone!Thank you for your attention.Stacy's Pink Ocean is a new website.Because we only estimate the weight of the dolls and other products,the shipping fee is oftennot very accurate.We will refund the excess shipping fee after we ship your package if you pay more.Forgive us for no muchexperience.We will do better and better in the future. We...
 New MyouDoll 1/4 Babies-Loretta And BuXiaoqi (Event for new dolls)
New 1/4 babies Loretta Sale page:http://www.stacyspinkocean.com/product_v.asp?id=1042 BuXiaoqi Sale page:http://www.stacyspinkocean.com/product_v.asp?id=1041 Event for new dolls Time:7th Feb. 2016-20th Feb. 2016 1.If you buy one Myou new 1/4 babyon Stacy's Pink Ocean,you will get12%discount. 2.If you buy Myou new 1/4 babies on Stacy's Pink Oc...
 [Boy & Girl]10th Anniversary Celebrations And New Year Event
Time:8th Jan.~14th Feb.(We extended the time on Stacy's Pink Ocean^^)1.If you buy a naked doll,you will get free face-up sevice(random).2.If you buy a nacked doll,you will get12%discount.(Please inform me to change the price of the doll after you place your order,then you can pay )3.If you buy a 1/3 girl,you will get a pair of extra high-heeled leg...
 [MiracleDoll]Stop Notice on some dolls.
MiracleDoll will stop selling some dolls and heads since 7th Jan. 2016.These dolls and heads are:Vic.Sharon and Sharon SP,Liz ,Eva.Event:Time:30th Dec.2015-6th Jan.20161,You will get10%discount if you buy Vic,Sharon and Sharon SP,Liz,Eva(Whole doll),8% discount only head.2,More than 900USD(folded),you will get one 1/3 head.(random)More than 600USD(...
 About layaway.
You can do layaway ,as long as let me know your layaway plan.And pay your payment through USD1 on my website.USD1:http://www.stacyspinkocean.com/product_v.asp?id=742
 MYou New Year Event!
1.If you buy one Myou dolls on Stacy's Pink Ocean,you will get 12% discount. 2.If you buy Myou dolls on Stacy's Pink Ocean,more than 2 dolls,you can get 15% discount. 3.If you buy Myou dolls on DOA,more than 4 dolls,you can get 20% discount. 4.We give 10% discount for accessories. We accept layaway,please tell us your layaway plan when you p...
 New BJD Brand -MYou Doll & Opening Event
MYou Dollis a new studio in China,The dolls are of high quality(I have seen the real dolls^0^)and low price.MYOU DOLL Opening EventTo celebrate MYOU DOLL Opening, we are now holding a special event:Time:15th Nov,2015 ~ 17th Dec, 2015Content: Order any MYOU doll or body during event time, will get20% offdiscount.
 New Brand-Crimsondoll & Special Event
Crimsondoll is a very new studio in China.The studio create new heads.The boy heads of Crimson Doll can be matched up with the 1/3 bodies such as SOOMMG/SDGR/Luts/SpiritDoll/LOONG SOUL DOLL/ Ringdoll.The girl heads of Crimson Doll can be matched up with the 1/3 bodies such as VOLKS SD16/SDGR/unoa zero/SpiritDoll/LOONG SOUL DOLL/ xagadoll. Special...
 BG Rayon Special Event
1.We offer 10% discount on the heads. 2.,We offer 20% discount on the three dolls:1/3 boys Lan.William and the 1/4 big head boy Milk.Quantity: every doll only 10.More than 10,the discount is 12%.3.We offer 12% discount on the other dolls.The special event is only on Stacy's Pink Ocean.
 MiracleDoll Summer Promotion
MiracleDoll Summer Promotion:MiracleDoll Summer promotion is from July 20 to August 31.1.You can get 10% off if you order a nude doll or a body. All sizes dolls are included.2.You can get 8% off if you order a head.The heads of 1/6 dolls are not included.3.You can get 12% off if the orders are above 5 dolls in the event.This summer promotion is onl...
 GuuDoll Special Sales Event is beginning (2015.06.23 - 2015.7.31)
GuuDoll Special Sales Event is beginning (2015.06.23 - 2015.7.31) : 1.You can get 10% if you order a nude doll.2.You can get 5% off if you order a body.3.3.You can get 12% off if the orders are above 5 dolls in the event.
 default size.
If you do not want the custom-made service, you can directly select the corresponding doll size options when ordering, like 1/3 SD. We then make clothingaccording to the default size.The default size is:1/3 doll—SD13 boy (BWH:24cm/20.5cm/25.5cm)1/3 girl—SD13 girl(BWH:24cm/19.8cm/25cm)1/4 boy—MSD boy(BWH:18cm/14.5cm/19cm)1/4 girl—MSD girl(BWH:18cm/1...
 Other shipping methods.
If you don't like EMS,or you only want to buy very small things ,of cause you can choose other shipping methods.Please let me know before you pay.^^ About Air mail: Free Air Mail Shipping:for orders over US$40 and below 300g, there'll also be a tracking number, the delivery time is not stable.
 Free postage
Everyone who reaches the condition of free postage. Please notify us after you place order, and make payment after price changing. If you complete payment, please notify us and get money refund.Shipping Fee♥IMPORTANT: not include:whole dolls or bodies♥for Zone1~5 , order more than$500,can have free shipping fee.for Zone6~8, order more than$700,can ...
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