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Teresa Reichenbaugh: Order: #202103291915486346   ( 3/29/2021 7:24:26 PM )
Hello!I have a question about order Order: #202103291915486346 I placed for LoongSoul fullset Black Dragon (French brown resin) I want the fullset, but the page would not let me add face-up and body blush. Is it included or just an error? Please let me know how to add it if I need to. Also I want to confirm the address to send payment.  Is it lili_...
Admin Replay
We have contacted you.
Stephanie: Order #202007291457306258   ( 1/7/2021 3:30:01 PM )
Hello Satcy Pink, I placed this order in July, and item was supposed to be shipped by October or November, but I ahven''t received any news about it yet and I''m a bit worried. Is it normal ? Do you have any idea when the item might get shipped ? Thanks in advance for your answer :)
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We will contact you soon.
Jack Pearson: Order Question   ( 1/3/2021 3:10:02 PM )
Hello, I just placed an order for Arcdoll Zilang.#202101031457183682I wanted Open eye Head and Human Leg body. I forgot to write it when I placed my order. Can I edit my order to have those?Thanks.
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We have contacted you.^^
Myaje: Wigs   ( 1/2/2021 5:04:13 AM )
Do you ever restock sold out wigs?
Admin Replay
Please contact us through email to tell us which wig you want to purchase.^^
Daria Kornach: Order shipment    ( 11/4/2020 9:29:40 AM )
Good afternoon. I would like to know when the stands will be dispatched?My order number 202010210906396970
Admin Replay
It has arrived in Shanghai.It will be shipped to your country in the next week.^^
Mewee: About stock   ( 9/23/2020 10:47:49 AM )
Hello, will this one ever be available again you think?I''ve never seen any other sheep centaur bjds anywhere ;-; http://www.stacyspinkocean.com/product_v.asp?id=2239
Admin Replay
Hi,we have no this doll in stock.How many dolls you want to purchase?More than 10 dolls, they will be made again.Or you can order now if you are not afraid waiting.We need to sell at least 10 dolls.
Laura Lee: Order: 202007090845266473   ( 9/7/2020 11:48:42 AM )
Hello, I ordered this bust in july. It says it may ship in September. Can I ask about the status of this order? Thank you.
Admin Replay
We asked the delivery time to the artist just now.The bust is being finished from now.But she is not sure if she can finish our order in time.She said maybe in Septmeber or in October.Anyway,when we recieve them,we will let you know ASAP.
Olga Vasyukova: outfit GOOD DAY! I would VERY MUCH like to BUY an OUTFIT Outfit for $85 from the Loretta-MYou Doll 1/4 doll .   ( 7/13/2020 1:04:53 AM )
Good day, dear friends!I don''t register, I don''t get a link. Help! And more : I would VERY MUCH like to BUY an OUTFIT Outfit for $85 from the Loretta-MYou Doll 1/4 doll/ .Can I buy such an outfit? Payment is fast via Papal. Thank you very much!Ragsrds, Olga
Admin Replay
Hi,can you try again please? And we are so sorry.The outfit is not available.
teno: About Reiki Head   ( 7/3/2020 9:40:03 AM )
Reiki Head (open Eyes)-About VingsCan you make the first photo of makeup?
Admin Replay
Hi,the head is available.But the make-up is not available.
violet: order   ( 6/25/2020 8:24:19 PM )
Hello,For order #202006120852477140 I was wondering when my item will ship? Was the wig in stock because there have been issues in the past. Thank you!
Admin Replay
We will ship it in this week.
tenko130: About Misheng head   ( 4/16/2020 6:08:21 AM )
HelloHello.Can you place an order?Misheng edition white head-Sio2 Doll
Admin Replay
Yes,you can order this head.
mamim: about soldout   ( 2/29/2020 2:54:55 AM )
Is this doll sold out permanently?I really want to buy this doll.
Admin Replay
Sorry,the doll is not available.
Laurie Andrews: Order question   ( 1/28/2020 8:26:09 AM )
Hi I was just wondering when my Order: #201909200837522978would ship? Thank you!Laurie Andrews
Admin Replay
Hi,we are so sorry.The studio has too many orders to finish them on time.We are also waiting for the wigs.We guess that we can receive them in Feb.
Hope: Order shipment   ( 1/7/2020 6:30:43 PM )
Hi, I placed my Order 201908282059137289 on 08/28/2019. It said 3-4 months for shipment and it is past that timeframe now, will it ship soon? Thank you!
Admin Replay
Hi,the wigs are not ready.Because the studio has too orders to finish them on time.We are waiting for them also.But I think that we can get them soon.Maybe after Chinese New Year.
kitkat: Password Recovery   ( 1/6/2020 5:05:00 PM )
Hello, I am trying to reset my password but your system will not allow me, and sending a direct email to you did not work either. Can you please help? Thank you!
Admin Replay
Sorry,we didn't receive your email.But we sent an email to you just now.^^
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