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Miracledoll photo wall collection activity!


Miracledoll photo wall collection activity

Photo collction object:Photos of the dolls belong to Miracledoll 

Collection time:April 15-May 5

Place:Stacy's Pink Ocean

1.Photo size: 600mm*900mm 300dpi

The first prize:a whole doll
The second prize:one doll head(random)
The third prize:Miracledoll head 12% off,whole doll or doll body 20% off(valid for one year)

Participation Award:Successful submitters will  get 10% off on Miracledoll head,12% off on whole doll or doll body(photos as evidence)

3.Photo requirements:The face of the doll(at least one side)must occupy more than 1/2 area of the picture,shooting parts should take the waist above.

4.Submission format:Member ID(email address)+photo(doll)name+Miracledoll official name
For example:***@**.**/snow+Jing

5.Submission methods:(only can choose one)
Via email:lili_zl17@126.com
Via website:go to website, select 'My gallery' and following the opinions

6.Excellent photos will be displayed in "My gallery"regularly on Stacy's Pink Ocean website.

7.Award results will be announced on June 1,2017.

Each doll limits to ten pictures(up to ten,can be less,no exceed)
Can be post-production photos, or photos of different Miracledolls,violators will be disqualified.

PostTime:April 14,2017

All pictuers cannot be copied without permission.
TEL:0086-13852047799  Mail:lili_zl17@126.com  stacy236484@gmail.com  MSN:lili790417@hotmail.com
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