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About custom-made

All “STACY’s Pink Ocean” brand clothing in the shop offer tailored services, in order to remove your trouble in finding suitable clothes for dolls. In addition, part of the clothing provides the service for choosing fabric by yourselves to make distinctive clothing for your dolls (except that clothing is particular about color match).

I.                  How to purchase tailored clothes.

1.               Find your desired clothing style in online store.

2.               Select “custom-made service” in the size option.

3.               Tailor your doll according to the size requirements provided by the website. (The doll should stand on level and hard surface such as a desk)

4.               We have sizes as follows:

Boy doll

    Girl doll

The pictures only indicate part of size easy to be wrongly measured.

If you customize shoes, please tell us the length and width of doll’s feet.

5. When ordering, please write in the ‘comment box’ on checkout page about which items are for which doll, and also copy the measurements of your doll in the comment box ^^

6. Please contact the shopkeeper Stacy though “Contact US” if you have any question.

7. Note:

▲If only providing official size of the doll, we can refer to other dolls with the same height to make clothing. However, we can not guarantee the clothing is the same perfect fit as that provided with detailed size.

▲If you find that clothes is obviously not fit, you can send it back for free modification. If the clothes are not fit resulted from providing incorrect size, the customer needs to pay the return and forth postage. The customer may need to pay part of the cost of fabric and other materials if it is necessary. Otherwise the store is fully responsible for postage and other costs.

Brands and models of the doll customized autonomously in the shop are:

SOOM:SOOM Supergem boy,SOOM super gem 65cmgirl,SOOM68cmboy,SOOM ID72cmboy,

IPLEHOUSE EID girl(M or L chest),

VOLKS:VOLKS SD17 boy.VOLKS SD16 girl,VOLKS SDGR boy.VOLKS SDGR girl.VOLKS SD13 boy and girl,VOLKS MSD boy and girl.VOLKS YOSD,VOLKS SD13 boy andgirl,VOLKS SD10 boy and girl,VOLKS DD DY girl.


Angell studio :58cmgirl,62cmgirl,71.5cmboy.1/3 boy,

DIKA DOLL:64cmboy,73cmboy

DOLLZONE:DZ 70-2cmboy,70cmboy,72cmboy.

LoongSoulDoll:1/3 boy.68cmboy,73.5cmboy,75cmboy(new type)



When ordering, please choose the size that corresponds with the doll, for example 1/3 SD, and then write the specific brand and model and other relevant information of the doll in the ‘comment box’.

If you do not find your doll brand here, and do not want the custom-made service, you can directly select the corresponding doll size options when ordering, like 1/3 SD. We then make clothing according to the default size.

The default size is:

1/3 doll—SD13 boy (BWH:24cm/20.5cm/25.5cm)

1/3 girl—SD13 girl(BWH:24cm/19.8cm/25cm)

1/4 boy—MSD boy(BWH:18cm/14.5cm/19cm)

1/4 girl—MSD girl(BWH:18cm/14cm/19cm)

70CM boy—LUTS SSDF boy(BWH:31cm/23.5cm/28.5cm)

65CM boy—SOOM supergem boy(BWH:28cm/23cm/26cm)

65CM girl—SOOM supergem girl(BWH:26cm/17cm/26.5cm)

1/6 doll—YOSD(BWH:13cm/12.5cm/14cm)

II. How to self-select fabrics


1. This service is limited to SPO brand clothing.

2. Replacement of the fabric is a special service. In the fabric selection area, the price of each fabric is the price that the additional services require.

3. Not every style of fabric can be replaced. There is a prompt “replaceable fabric” in pages with detailed introduction of each kind of clothing.

4. If customers want to replace the fabric, the customers shall make detailed description in the ‘comment box’ and purchase the fabrics in the “fabric selection zone” at the same time when ordering the tailored clothing.

III. The shop accepts the custom-made based on your provided drawings and mass customization. The former customization is limited to customizing the same style of clothing in large quantity at one time without retail. Mass customization of existing styles needs to contact the shopkeeper Stacy though “Contact US”.


All pictuers cannot be copied without permission.
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